Refusing A Better World To Reach An Impossible One

Every now and then you and your friends get invited onto Klyles boat. Don’t try to deny it we have all seen you out there, making fun of everyone whose not on a boat. The last time you were out there did not quite go as planned though. It started like it always did: talkingContinue reading “Refusing A Better World To Reach An Impossible One”

Megaphones Of Misinformation

Let’s play a game! Everyone likes movies, so that will be the topic, and we shall name it… Three movies, one common factor. The rules are simple: I give you three cuts from three famous classics, and your task is to name one thing they all have in common. Okay? Ready, set, go! “Luke, IContinue reading “Megaphones Of Misinformation”

Trapped By Rewards

Person opens the luxurious gate, and when stepping into the unknown beyond, a completely new world appears. A stunning view is sculptured as the grandiose hall is entered; a novel landscape composing an ocean of endless possibilities. As the scenery is parsed, thoughts of joy, excitement, and success flood Person’s mind and expectations. The wholeContinue reading “Trapped By Rewards”

The World Is Conquered By Stealing Sweets From Children

So far in the series of The Attention Economy: “Reader’s Attention Is Put To Test“, “Our Young Hero Accidentally Creates Its Own Nemesis“; and in the last part, “Person Trips And Get Stuck In The Trap“. What will happen next? Before continuing, please consider the following three, seemingly unrelated questions. First: “Should free labor beContinue reading “The World Is Conquered By Stealing Sweets From Children”

Tripping down the YouTube rabbit hole

“How did i end up here?” This was a question that Person had asked himself many times as he looked over at the clock on the wall of his small studio apartment; realizing that what started with him looking at old music videos had somehow ended several hours later with “Top ten musicians in theContinue reading “Tripping down the YouTube rabbit hole”

Prelude: The Beast Is Born

In our previous part: May I Have Your Attention, you briefly got to meet The Attention Economy . Now it is time to get to know each other better. To do this, I would like to tell you a story. This one is based on true events, and in addition, you are the main character…Continue reading “Prelude: The Beast Is Born”

*Ahem*, May I Have Your Attention?

You are here! Great, what a journey, simply an amazing achievement. You have navigated all the way here to our blog; deliberately chosen to click on this particular post, and now, in addition, begun to read it. You have now completed the third sentence. Here comes the fourth. I want to say it again –Continue reading “*Ahem*, May I Have Your Attention?”