What is What’s The Gist!?

  • What is a Gist?

    From some perspectives, the world can seem horribly gruesome, like a living hell that any sound human would try to escape; while from other perspectives, the world appears like the most prosperous place one can imagine – like a blissful dream of never ending wonderfulness.

    But one thing that is easily forgotten: no matter the perspective, everyone is still referring to the exact same world – we all simply live in the same one and only world (or do we actually?). What is sure however, is that the world is a very complex construction which by no means is simple to understand.

    Yet, behind all the infinite amount of layers of complexity – given a certain aspect – there is always a core point to discover. A central value, concept or idea that might help and guide us to understand what we perceive in the world – that is what we call the Gist: the main point, without unnecessary details. But to keep in mind, one point of one aspect, does not mean that way of thinking is the absolute truth of the world.

    There are an infinite number of other directions from which one can approach the very same aspect to arrive at a different understanding or different conclusion – with varying degrees of validity. We simply hope to deliver perspectives which reside the more valid side of that spectrum.

    So, What’s The Gist!?

    We don’t really know what we are talking about – we just enjoy trying to understand the world we live in. The purpose is to learn and present Gists we find interesting, thought provoking, or helpful. Since we do not know what we are talking about – we don’t claim to be experts in any domain we tackle.

    Although we try to focus on the Gist, we want to be as correct as possible. So please, if you find any incorrect facts, please let us know. And If you happen to be in disagreement with anything: please share your point of view so we can learn from it. Thanks!

  • Who’s Behind The Gists?

    We are just two simple men (boys…) trying to make our way through the universe.



    • Computing science major.
    • Thinks skrrt and dabbing still is the latest trend.
    • Very funny.
    • Thinks he makes better dad jokes than Johan.
    • Only support laughs at Johan’sjokes because he knows that no one else will laugh.
    • Computing science major.
    • Knows skrrt and dabbing will make a comeback.
    • Not funny.
    • Thinks he makes better dad jokes than Anton.
    • Only support laughs at Anton’s jokes because he knows that no one else will laugh.

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